Life In The Fast Lane
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2002-01-03 03:48:35 (UTC)

Life in the fast lane.

Life consist of what work, school, and love. for most people
that is for me i don't really know what life is. people tell
me that i get to attached to the person that i like or am
with maybe thats normal i say to my self but is it i don't
know. people get attached all the time right its nothing.
there is this boy josue hernandez he is great but i have
only knowen him for a month or two i like him alot but i
don't know i try really hard not to get attached but i don't
think it is working we have sleept together 2 times but he
has a girlfriend is that wrong or just fun he says that he
does not love her maybe he does i asked him to break up with
her but he has not yet. he leaves mon jan.7 for the marines
i thought that it was going to be easy to let him go but it
is not its hard i don't want him to leave. I want him to
stay and be with me and not with the other girl but i think
he loves her. he say that he does not but... anyway what
does she have that i don't i wish i knew when i ask him why
he likes me he says because i am sweet and cute and i make
him want me is that really the truth or a front just to get
some. i want to trust him but i don't know if i can he has
given me an anwser for every thing i ask but is it a lie or
not. I am very attached to him and i don't know how to let

what do you think
Peace out.

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