Sweet Child

Sweet Life
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2002-01-03 03:48:01 (UTC)


I met someone. His name is Ryan. He's 17 or maybe 16. I
don't remember. He's not the type pf guy you introduce to
your parents. He's bad. I know he's real bad for me. I know
we should't be together. But I feel like I need him almost.
I'm not going to tell anyone about him. No one needs to
know. He's the type of guy you run away with. I feel free
when I'm with him. He's just bad. I can't really explain
bad. He's the type of guy your mom hates. He's the type you
marry & mess up your life for. He's the type who needs me.
Just what I need. But, do I want him. I feel good again.
Like I used to when I was bad. I feel free. No one can tell
me what to do, because all I need is him. He's nothing like
Nathan, or Joe, or Trent or even Aaron. He's just bad. He's
gorgeous. And already attached to me. I can't explain it.
He's the type where you don't need love, just eachother.
Here's my chance. Do I take it? Do I never sleep? Do I
spend my nights contemplating why the day must come? Do I
never fall in love? Do I live for what had been & will
never be again? Do you see more my back than my face? Do I
enter with no words but when I'm gone you know? Do I take
this chance & finally live free?