life of a lozer
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2002-01-03 03:11:19 (UTC)

been a long time

yeah...its been a long time. i dunno when my last entry
was or what i said and to be honest i am too lazy to look
it up and i dont care. :o) its a new year! and thats how
i'm gunna start it off right here. so how did i party?
hard! o yeah, went to laurens house, it was cool. best part
thou was me and jessica, in the corner. sharing my walkman.
listening to that sexy sexy ryan and gordon and kevin on
all ages radio. special show from 1 to 6 am on new years
day. best way to celebrate the new year! couldnt have been
better. well if matt was here with me it woulda been
better, but thats the only way it woulda been. but he's up
in massachusetts and he has a girl. Emily is her name. most
dammed lucky girl to ever walk the earth. she really is.
and if matt likes her, then shes ok in my books. i would do
anything to trade places with her too. ya kno what thou, i
aint gunna sit around here and talk about emily all nite
thou. all i reallie needed to say is that i love matt
always and forever, whether i can be with him or not. we
will have eachother thou someday, he says so and i say so
and so it'll happen. and its the real deal too. none of
this teenage crush crap. i love him. anyhoo, so yes, new
years was a fun time. never thought i would be saying that,
but i am, and it was. and Ryan is a God. one of the
ultimate gods of punk i call him. friday nites baby. lol.
hmmm what else is there to write about? well nuffin
reallie. went and saw not another teen movie today. hehe.
it was pretty funny. then i came home, ate a piece-o-pizza
and now i'm hangin out online. just been writing alot and
playin my gee-tar. finally got my sk8board a while back.
its a zero board, the punk deck, and i got hot pink
spitfire wheels. its so wicked rad. cant wait to get on it
and do sum tricks and stuff. but first i must learn. lol.
i'm hopin to pick up sum moves from bethany and juan and
mike, don, and tom and that whole gang. fun times. well,
thats be's about it. havin a small sleepover tomorro nite,
and then its friday already! sheesh. well there is an up
side to that thou! and we all know his name is Ryan. hehe.
he makes it all better. okey dokey, thats be's it. i'll
catch ya later. hmmmmm song of the moment - Jacob by
allister. its for Jason. lol, and Jessica. we wanna live
with a gay guy! i wonder where jacob lives..... night!
Jenn Jenn ROo Roo xoxo