reject all-american
2002-01-03 03:06:25 (UTC)


shit i haven't written in here in so long....problay
because i have been at home...can't get on line every time
i want because good ol parents breathe down your neck about
everything....anyhoo....break has sucked, me and my sister
were in a car accident which scared me to death....my first
accent with another car, thank god she was driving.....that
sucked cuz we were in pretty bad shape after that and i
didnt' want to drive anywhere.....christmas was ok....i get
kinda borred durring the day though, so good ol me slept
alot and stuff....new years was a shit load of fun, i went
over to my freind from college's house and that was great,
i got to hear his band play and even got to goof off wiht
his brother a bit....i had to be home which sucked big
because of the accident and teh fuckin drunks on the
highway so i had to be home at one...which meant no
drinking for me! so i behaved myself until i went to the
other party i was invited to and taht blew ass becasue it
was alot of my old buddies there with their significent
others and that kinda bit the bullett because my best
friend has a huge slutty girlfriend who he got to replace
me since i was gone,a nd seh hates me because her boyfreind
and i are so close....friend close, but thats ok cuz i hate
her too cuz all my buddy has to say is jump and the bitch
does it, so that was borring just sitting there with all
these people...watching a movie and making out....thats not
really waht i wanted to do, so i didnt' actually mind
leaving that party....one of the guys i was kinda getting
with before i left for college was there and so was his
girlfriend so i didnt get to talk to him much and i kinda
wanted to cuz we were good friends all summer. i havne't
talked to my best bud up at college much at all...we talked
for a while but then after christmas he kinda vanished but
ill be back soon enough.....i leave saturday thank god!
there is this old boyfreind of mine who is here that is
such a pain about calling and shit its like i have to pry
him off me....you think if a chick doesn't call you back
for a week you might get the picture....well it will be
good to get away from the "stalker" adn see my friends up
at college...but i better go cuz the dragons are going to
come down any minuet and breathe dowm my neck

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