musings under the sun
2002-01-03 02:57:33 (UTC)

the man who cried--movie

wow is all that i can say. wonderful movie with a wonderful

christina ricci, cate blanchett, johnny depp and john
turturro are all perfect in their characters.

it ranges from jewish hardship to a tightly-bound love
story between ricci and depp. blanchett plays the perfect
whore that everybody can love and hate at the same time.
and turturro plays a...rather odd, methinks, opera singer.
here is the description yahoo! gave it:

Set in occupied Paris during World War II, a young female
transient enters the theater world when she meets a famous
opera singer.

it's not really that...bland. and is woven in a way other
movies aren't. i give it an a ! if you're movie shopping,
this is one to get. later.

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