the ups and downs of my life
2002-01-03 02:36:29 (UTC)

my life-is great-bit i have a few mins to type...ahhh

hey this wiill be short and sweet......x-mas was fun me
laura and ash had a blast on new yr eve and day went to
bed at 4 and woke at 12 it was fun she will live out here
next yr so it will be fun. i wish i could go to another
school and start over i think i would have alot more
friends b/c right now all i have is one really close one
and thats is is so sad i dont even know what jess's
problem is she wouldnt even let me know she was mad at me
tracy had to tell me what she was saying behind my
back...i tell ya life is so unfair.. well midterms are in
a few weeks i aint nevous yet well thats it for now...buh
bye...hey if anyone reads this say hi i wanna talk to u