Inside my mind
2002-01-03 02:31:11 (UTC)

This day bites

Alright my day started of great. Then, we went to the BMV
to get my I.D. so I can go take my permit test. Well, after
I got it the lady told us that I couldn't take my test past
11. It's 11:20 at the time. So, we head up to Pittsburgh to
go shopping since I had $181 to spend n I wanted some
clothes n shoes. It started off me wanting theses adidas
shoes n adidas sandals n a hoodie. Wellp, I bought tons of
clothes a hoodie n boots. It took 3 hours, 2 malls n 6 or 7
department stores just to find these damn boots. The worse
parts are their not the right boots n my I.D. pic. is
horrible. The best parts are...I.D. gets re-taken in 6
months ne ways, n I got new gear!!!