my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-03 02:28:32 (UTC)

school again

woooohoooooo.....just kidding. school, once again. i
decided last nite, while i was trying to fall asleep, that
i'm going to consider school like a job, yet like a place
to socialize. as in, i have to go. lol. nice huh. well i
went to bed last nite at 9:30, yet didnt fall asleep til
after 11, cuz i was sitting there being scared about my
surgery. but in that time frame, i thought of a lot of
interesting stuff. i figured out exactly what kind of fish
brittany is getting, and i decided that i'm the president
of the rabid squirrell collective. lol. i'm not on drugs, i
was just really bored. (oh, today is january 2nd.) anyways,
i once again owe so much to brittany, cuz she's been
putting up with me when i tell her how scared i am about my
surgery. i think i ramble on and on, and i'm just waiting
for her to wallop me w/ a 2 by 4 or something like that. i
thank her so much for listening. i now have to wash my knee
w/ some crap so it's all nice and spanking clean for
surgery. i really have never ever been this scared....ok
anyways, i got a 5/5 on a global essay! :-D and what else,
oh ya i have my sexy elf as a backround on my comp. legolas
all the way. hehe. he's so hot. and i still like
sam.....nice to know, right? anyways, time to go wash the
knee and feed the horse.