Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-03 02:19:59 (UTC)

It s time for me to get a job...

It's time for me to get a job. I need to start making
my own money. That way I won't be so dependent on my
parents which will give me more freedom.
I start art classes next Tues. I am so excited. I
have tried to paint alone at my house or with Clark, but it
is just not the same. My painting's turn out looking like
cheap shit. I need to have that instruction and be
surrounded by people. In my opinion art is something that
can be taught but what separates shit from a masterpiece is
the feeling behind the painting. It somehow is reflected
from the canvas. God, I miss art!
So ok, tomarrow I am going to start the diet thing! I
need to do this. I want guys to look at me and be
stunned! I want to look like Lauren or Scott's older
sister (I can't remember her name) or Whitany. I know, I
know, I am as shallow as everyone else. But, I don't think
it is wrong to want to be simply attractive.
Also, I don't have school tomarrow! I really kinda
hate school. I hate haveing to get all dressed up. It
sucks! I would rather slum around all day in my pink pokka-
dotted pants and David's (I know I'm hopeless) red plaid
button up shirt. God, what is my problem? Why do I lke
him? I mean he doesn't bother me like other guys. I don't
care when he farts. I don't care when he talkes about sick
shit. Usually, when guys talk about that I get kinda
grossed out, but not with him. I don't know what it is. I
should not like him! I mean, he is not like me at all. I
wonder if I am to be doomed with that fatal attraction

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