AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-01-03 02:17:14 (UTC)

nothing exciting

today we had a game against jackson. i thought we were
gonna bomb, but we actually did very well, only lost in the
last minute by like a few points. woulda been
cool if i had seen doug. i miss doug, me n jennie r gonna
call him soon like old times...he was so cute. but i cant
believe he is graduating this year. anyways, i just
remember his intense blue eyes, they were pretty cool.

so today was a pretty standard back to school day, cept i
was off the whole time cuz i thought it was a tuesday, my
lab day. so i'm lookin up geom. extra credit right now, i
found part of it, but not all of it....god damnit.

hmm not much to say about today. i saw andy play bball w/
the froshies, hes pretty good. jared keeps repeating
himself in his im n i have no clue what he is talking
about. one of those smile n nod moments....time for me to
play some video games n catch some ZzZz...later.

Current Im(s):
TwiStA877: slamminshanen
SlamminShanen: hey andy
SlamminShanen: saw u play
SlamminShanen: sorta
TwiStA877: i did bad till the end
SlamminShanen: wow sean coe
SlamminShanen: i forgot he was left back
TwiStA877: lol yea
TwiStA877: he barely played
SlamminShanen: i noticed

Music: nada