2002-01-03 02:03:29 (UTC)

Perils I face as of now

Hmm. Well, where to start. All my life has been really
depressing. My mother yells at me constantly, and on
occation, would get abusive. My father is ok, I love him
very much, but he refuses to intervene on my behalf when my
mother is going at it. My whole life has been a lie. I was
always told I was a loser, and a mistake, and a waist of
God given talent. Then along comes Brice. My Love. My hope.
Telling me I am something. That I am perfect and wonderful.
And he gives me the strenth to live on. Yes my spelling is
horrible. Bare with me here. :)
Recently, I have had a 'friend' who has accused me of
stealing from her home. I am said to have stolen beer,
money, jewlrey, and make-up (which, I mind you, I have
never even used before) So she is no longer my friend.
My sisters best friend is trying her best to break me and
my fiansee apart. He doesnt believe me. But I see it.
Well, I am in peril. My ex-boyfriend is still a friend, but
Brice doesnt like me to see him. I hope he will understand
one day. I love him and no other. But I dont think he trust
my ex.
Well, I have writen enough, your probibly board with
my 'voice'
No more shall I write on this Title.