2002-01-03 02:02:10 (UTC)

My First 2002 Diary entry

Fears are a weird thing. I was affraid that I would be
miserable and alone for Christmas and New Years and be stuck
thinking of last years. I can honestly say that I not only
did not do that, but now I can hardly remember last year at
all. I was affraid that I would be uncomfortable and feel
isolated while I was here, but that was also not the case
either. Misty and I had a great time. A great time!...

We hung out for a few days before Christmas and slept beside
each other. I love that more than anything. We spent
Christmas apart, but I was back for Boxing Day. We got to
sleep beside each other since each night... ^_^

Talking to Misty's dad now so more later
No way to avoid this stuff... ^_^