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2002-01-03 01:47:57 (UTC)

A New Page? Hopefully.

Every new year brings us a chance to look at what we want
to do differently the next time. Simple things like
picking the wrong haircolor, to bigger mistakes that end up
with you in handcuffs (and I don't mean in a good way).
New chances, hopefully better results. I don't know why it
has to be the "New Year" before we actually decide to try
to make changes in ourselves, our lifestyles, our goals.

I decided not to go so big this year with the resolutions.
I sat down and thought about things like exercise more,
quit smoking, and spend more time with my daughter. Then I
started thinking about the year that passed. Arrested
(inculded in that is fines, lawyers, penalties), dumped,
moved, lost a close family member, and the tragedies that
occured in our nation. Next I thought about where I was
now. Driving legally for the first time in over 3 years,
living in an awsome townhouse, and I had everyone I loved
close to me.

This year I'm only making one resolution. I'm living my
life, not staying home planning things that never happen.
There is no promise of tomorrow, you can't predict fate. I
know my recliner will miss me, but what can you do?