can't fight the moonlight...
2002-01-03 01:11:28 (UTC)

christmas, new years and all that jazz

Haven't been here in a while. bad llama. oh well, i'm sure
whoever the fuck is reading this will survive.
christmas was good--no better or worse then any other year.
we had our Christmas Eve party at our house w/ all the
family, Nikki and I hung w/ christy and brian (our
cousins) damn, we have nothing in common. absolutley no
offense to my mom's side of the family, but they are
leggetts all the way! let them get drunk and high and smoke
or whatever. not my thing. tiffany didn't show, which isn't
a biggie to me. 21 years old w/ a three (i think three)
year old daughter, and she's always partying--or so christy
is telling me. whatever, they're family and i love them.
new years was fun. over amandas, couldn't sleep over, but i
don't blame the parents for that one. chances i'd let MY 16
yr. old daughter sleep over a 20 year olds w/ no parents
and guys? slim to nada. sardou wasn't there which sucked,
but saved me from unneccesary drama teasing! (i mean from
drama people, not about drama) my resolutions this year:

Not to make a resolution, because I'll just break it
anyways. :)

2001 summed up!
1) It wasn't freshman year!
2) Tutoring at the Butler over summer
3) Sardou
4) surviving w/o PCC
5) seeing Rent! Twice!
6) seeing Les Mis
7) Being a junior, having a steady math course which i love for the
first time since 7th grade, good english class and generally good
8) We're All in This Together
9) Audition is Over

1) Summer w/o PCC
2) Corrines Grandmother dying
3) 9-11
4) Cutting myself (only once though)
5) crying way too many tears
6) Besides Existence, The X-Files
7) physical science in 10th, giff 10 and 11.

Its hard for me to do the list, because my mind automaticly
thinks of it in terms of school. So really its an over view
of sophomore year. Oh well.

Bright note! Ms. DiNolo told me that I was doing really
well! It was totally random today, but it made me happy. I
mean, I was never doing poorly, but it made me happy.
I've still got a C- in Chem. :P Damn Giff. Damn ME for not
being able to learn from him.
Reminder to self--talk to Conti about driving!!

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