My life
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2002-01-03 00:45:32 (UTC)

Jan 2, 02

I forgot to write down about how I was talking to this
girl, a junior, in my 4th period class about how she's been
f-in a guy named Dave and his friend Mike, for
when I asked what Dave's last name was and where he was
from, I realized that it was a kid that Jamie fooled around
with BIG time when her BF was away at the beach and never
told him. And he's from like 45 min away, so I figured IF
Dave slept with 2 people from the same school 45 min away,
I could just imagine how many people he has been with
closer....and eeewwww....I had sex with his one friend
John, best sex I have ever had, but it was just weird that
they all knew each other....John was with Dave's sister for
like a year and a half, and he broke up with her and I got
him...but I never really "wanted" him, too much of a
druggie, that's all he ever did.

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