Freshmen Year
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2001-04-10 05:45:32 (UTC)

New Beginning

Ok, well after walking around like a living zombie over my
ex boyfriend for weeks, I think I may be starting all over
again. I kept telling myself to move on, and there were
many guys to like, but I didn't. But now I realize there is
no chance of things going back to the way they were, so I
should atleast try to experience dating some new people. So
the date is for Thursday, and he goes to a different
school, it is like the "rival school" of ours. I first met
him at a dance, and then saw him again at the mall on
Friday, and my first impression of him was, "Wow he's
really cute." So, I definately am not like "in love" or
anything, but it just feels...weird...to start seeing
someone other than Matt. So I'll see how things go with
this soph. Nick, but another weird thing is how he is
pretty much the complete opposite of Matt. I think I am
trying to stay away from the "punks" or whatever it is they
are labeling themselves these days.
Ok, enough talk about that. School is getting better, in a
way. Summer is coming up and I cannot wait. Marisa and I
are going to basketball camp together, and then I might go
to FL with her. Sophomore year is going to be awesome, and
a trillion times better than this year, and Marisa's "sorta
boyfriend" Phil might even be transferring here. Well guess
I need some sleep.

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