The land of unknown
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2002-01-03 00:33:33 (UTC)

Won't give up it wants me dead, goddamn this niose inside my head.

Mood: tired
Music: Nine Inch Nails 'Closer' and 'The Becoming'

hola. although i'm talking to maybe a few people, but
who cares. i noticed something very stupid of me. i
overreact to things and i'm too damn sensitive for my
own good. so just ignore what i put last time. but the
song was good, right? eh, nevermind. i'm still not even
sure if anyone's bothered to read the last one. oh well.
i'm tired cuz i've been playing Rouge Squadren II all
day. yup, i got the game cube for christmas. and i have
Rouge Squadren II, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and
Super Smash Brother's Meele. cool games. and i had a
dream last night that was nice. better if it were real. see,
i got to visit all my friends in california. some details
were a little off, but it was a dream. and the best part, as
always, was surprising Kitty. it's not the first dream i've
had were i did that. Kitty's been quite a few of my
dreams where i'm visiting or something. it helps keep
me going. and reminds me how many friends i have.
oh, and one other thing, i ordered Anaesth's cd online.
although it may be no use telling u. i don't know how
many times i told Kitty about Cruxshadows, a gothic
industrial band. i mean, the emotion the singer puts
into the songs, she'd love, and the whole egyptian
theme thing going on, she'd totally love that. but oh well.
no one listens to me. i waisted so much time trying to
my friends about stitch, but none of them cared. there
was one show of theirs that was just down the street
from our school and it was free, but none of them went.
but no, they go way out to concord to see some
unheard of band that nathan likes and are out late at
night, way out there from san jose, and they have to pay
to get in. i'm always being ignored. no one seems to
trust my judgment on music. oh well. i'll just keep it to
myself. i wish vacation wouldn't end. but i'm sure no
one does. i just want to go back home. and u know
what i mean. unless u'r a new reader. but then again, i
doubt it. oh and we're expecting snow tonight. woohoo!
it's been a while since i've seen snow. most of my
friends have never even seen snow. aside from the few
friends i have out here. small numbers of them. i wish i
could bring all myfriends here. show them snow, some
have seen it before. and they can see my room/domain,
play my gamecube, it'd be cool. and Chloe too, so we
could really meet for the first time. that'd be kick ass! but
in the meantime, i continue work on developing my new
story. soon i might actually start writing it! ha!

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