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2002-01-03 00:32:35 (UTC)


How can one person make you so sick to your stomach that
you could almost vomit? I love Leroy to death....I really
do. I guess that's why he gets under my skin the way he
does. But I can't take his shit anymore. It makes me so mad
and I don't know why. Here's our conversation from earlier
.....caddy_2001 (03:49:40 PM): i think i'm sleeping.....its 2
jlynlove (03:47:46 PM): why do i have friends that love to
sleep so much?
caddy_2001 (03:53:38 PM): cuz its cold
caddy_2001 (03:53:52 PM): what else is there 2 do??
jlynlove (03:51:41 PM): it's not like you have to be outside
jlynlove (03:52:22 PM): chill with people....inside a nice
warm house.....watch movies....anything really
caddy_2001 (03:56:33 PM): get a movie and i'll
jlynlove (03:54:47 PM): umm....i don't want to watch a
movie with you
caddy_2001 (03:57:20 PM): k
jlynlove (03:56:25 PM):
caddy_2001 (03:58:54 PM): u bout 2 go 2 sleep
jlynlove (03:57:00 PM): nope
caddy_2001 (04:00:40 PM): is there anything going on this
jlynlove (03:58:37 PM): i think we have some games
jlynlove (03:58:43 PM): that's all i know of
caddy_2001 (04:01:09 PM):
jlynlove (03:59:02 PM): why the sad face?
caddy_2001 (04:01:43 PM): cuz i don't wanna go
jlynlove (03:59:46 PM): oh
jlynlove (03:59:53 PM): stay home and sleep then
caddy_2001 (04:02:25 PM): prolly will
jlynlove (04:00:33 PM): you sure are active!
caddy_2001 (04:03:04 PM): i'm gonna sleep my life away
jlynlove (04:01:12 PM): i see that
caddy_2001 (04:03:55 PM): go walking or sumthing
jlynlove (04:01:48 PM): huh
caddy_2001 (04:04:32 PM): go 2 sleep
jlynlove (04:02:26 PM): no
jlynlove (04:02:30 PM): i'm not tired
jlynlove (04:02:48 PM): if you don't want to talk....just
say so....damn!
caddy_2001 (04:06:05 PM): i'm just annoyed
jlynlove (04:04:06 PM): excuse me....i'll let you go then
caddy_2001 (04:07:05 PM):
jlynlove (04:05:08 PM): if you are annoyed, then
go.....that's cool
caddy_2001 (04:07:39 PM):
jlynlove (04:05:33 PM): stop
caddy_2001 (04:08:59 PM): u gettin mad????
jlynlove (04:06:52 PM): no
jlynlove (04:06:58 PM): you are just acting like a lil baby
caddy_2001 (04:09:36 PM): i need sum attention
caddy_2001 (04:09:49 PM):
jlynlove (04:07:39 PM): you don't have to act like that to
get it
caddy_2001 (04:10:28 PM): i don't know how else 2 get it
jlynlove (04:08:37 PM): you get on my f-ing nerves sometimes
jlynlove (04:08:51 PM):
caddy_2001 (04:11:17 PM): ....really doesn't feel like
hearing that $hit
jlynlove (04:09:40 PM):
jlynlove (04:09:44 PM): okay...fuck it
jlynlove (04:09:47 PM): talk to you later
caddy_2001 (04:12:40 PM): bye....

He was probaby playing or just acting stupid, but he makes
me sooo upset at times. It's like he can make me so upset
to where I don't even want to eat or to the point of almost
throwing up or feeling that I have to. I won't beg him
though. If he doesn't want to talk to me, then there isn't
shit I can do about it. He makes me sooooo sick. But I'd
still have sex with him.....lol :p


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