Intellectual's Realm of the Unknown
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2002-01-03 00:32:06 (UTC)


I start school again tomorrow. Isn't that just great? My
mom is behind me telling me to come on, so I have to make
this quick. C. got back home and called and so its just
peachy. The Sims is just total horror. I mean, it's a
kickass game, but my people are mostly all at war.
I don't think I will be ready for school tomorrow. I am
hoping to leave the house at like 7:40 to be at school
early, though. I need to pretend like I am going to go
early so I end up getting ready and am off by 7:51. School
starts at 7:55 and you know what? It is all gravy and my
mom has an extremely annoying come on voice, so I am going
to go. I still have to get shoes and socks on. Silly me.


"Devin coooooommmmmmmmmeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" That is
the final straw

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