Zone of Misfortune
2002-01-03 00:29:29 (UTC)

hence 2-0-2

2002 is here, one more till gradutaion year. "college"
kids who orignaly hailed from CCHS visited today, made
college out to be a lot better than i had
expected....groin-grabbingly better.

Besides that, new year's party was coo at the watt's
dwelling, especially the meat hit and run.

Um...I wanted to go to the micness of open at AllEn but i
have to film basketball for requirement and shiot, it
sux...should prove to be somewhat entertaining though...i
guess...should be free

Apart from that, it has recently crossed my mind to
perhaps train my vocal chords to produce a precise
arrangment of tones known to some as the fabled "melody".
That's long for, "it'd be coo to learn how to sing." Of
course, i don't know where to start or anything, i;m
simply immersing myself in theory of the musical kind.

And now, Kevin smith movies that i've seen. Chasing amy,
dogma, and J&SB strike back, which just points out that i
need to rent clerks and mallrats, although i have seen the
entire series of clerks, the animated series.

Jimmy sat home with his dollar
coulnd't eat, coulnd't see, couldn't walk either
bought his dog a switchblade ready collar
sad sad sadthe cancerman

must prepare camera, adieu

that's some clever GLIHVEN!?!the