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2002-01-03 00:19:41 (UTC)

*....it's just another lonely day*

today was a pretty decent day. got up early so i could
make a call about my driving and then i stayed up for a lil
while talkin to some people. i wasnt feeling too good so i
slept till 5 and took the puppy out. its really cold out
there. i wish it was summer. its lookin like its gonna be a
pretty good summer. i cant wait.
no swim practice for me today so i think im gonna go on
the tredmill for about 1.2hr. i dont mind it that much ne
more like i use to. its pretty fun.
Tim called me and we talked for like 15min cause he had to go get
somethin to eat before he went home. hes an awesome guy to talk
to....all the way from Alabama. hes a sweet boy. oh, i had to laugh
again today about the whole engagement thingie. lol *sorry* and
remember i need to learn how to be real good @ golf so i can be kewl.
I was also lookin for jobs today, too. i want to work @
wally world. it would be so awesome. its a fun place.

welp, im gonna go now and leave you all with a sweet....kiss!



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