2002-01-03 00:15:28 (UTC)

Back to Normal

The Albany Democrat-Herald newspaper has a small section on
the second page which has the police reports. I always
enjoy reading these. A number of years ago there was one
which I remember at this time of year with a chuckle. I
don't remember exactly how it was written but it went
something like this.

December 25th. 9 p.m. An officer investigated a
call about possible child abuse. The caller said he could
hear a young girl screaming in the apartment next to
him. An officer was sent to investigate and determined that
the 8-year old girl was screaming because it was her bedtime
and she didn't want to go to bed because if she did **it
would mean Christmas is over!**

I'm more grown up about it, of course, and don't scream
about it but the reality is that Christmas and the holidays
are over and now it's back to whatever passes for normal.

John went into town with Gavin and Hugh this morning. They
bought bread at the day-old bread store--we were almost
completely out--, did some shopping at Costco including
getting four more gallons of milk, got gas, went to the
bank, did the recycling and did a few other stray errands.
I decided not to go as I had enough to do at home and it
didn't sound like a very exciting trip.

Jack and Gavin spent the afternoon with their Aunt Louise
helping her decide what kind of computer to get.

I have it in my mind that I want to start rug hooking. I've
seen some great folk art style kits but they're expensive.
I'll have to start saving my pennies if I want to start
this. The hardest part will be deciding which kit to get
first! Then, of course, there's finding the time...

The list of BOMs I'm starting this year is long. There's
Blackbird Designs' Old Glory, Sarah Sporrer's One Day in the
Country, Paula Barnes' Heaven and Earth, and Robyn
Pandolph's Botanika. I'm also signed up for Jan Patek's
Winter Spirit Quilt kit plus her four season wallhanging
kits and am seriously looking at Piece O'Cake's Land of the
Free which is being offered as patterns only (no fabric).
I've also ordered some fabrics to make Jan Patek's American
Spirit quilt and the finishing kit for All Around the Town
and am doing some serious looking at Pat Sloan's Old Blooms
and then there are my *still* unfinished objects--the Angel
Sampler Quilt and the Bible block quilt. How many is that?
ACKK! Too many! And it's not even counting the stack of
quilt tops made by great-Aunt Clara which need to be