Self harming dyke
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2002-01-02 23:26:11 (UTC)

Sexy stories

I'm not about to write one, by the way... I just read the
second one by a sexy dyke story writer on this diary site,
which I enjoyed a lot. She's Immadorkess and the stories
are *fun*!


Mood: Confused
Song: Hunter (Bjork)
Cuts: Still none since before Christmas. I'm doing well,
aren't I!?

I had an *interesting* New Year. I went back to my old Uni
postgraduate association, where I ended up behind the bar
all night cos the manager decided to keep the bar open for
36 hours, but had not booked any staff. Fuck! Oh well, I
drank for free all night, which was good!

I go back to Brussels on Sunday. Not really looking forward
to it much, but it's something I have to do. I am looking
forward to seeing the other gay Stagiaires who are a good
bunch... Also, it should be amusing to see what the Euro is
like in reality!

I should go to sleep now. Hope anyone reading this had a
good couple of weeks.

Cat *purr*