Dear Twiggy...
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2002-01-02 22:58:03 (UTC)

A Sexual Plan

Dear Twiggy,
This weekend I am going to Grand Slam with my b/f (lame
i know but it will be fun). We are going with my best
friend and her not a boyfriend boyfriend. She and I decided
that we will have more fun 'playing lazer tag' then going
to a movie or something. lately jeff hasnt said i love you
and all that so i plan to do the whole 'i hate to be a
typical complaining g/f but why dont you say what youy used
to' routine. i know he will just tell me he is sorry and he
DOES love me. when he finishes apoligizing i *think* im
gonna be all like 'wow now i feel like doing something
crazy' and take off my lazer tag vest (i hate those) and i
will take off his too if he doesnt get the hint. maybe if
he is being x-tra sweet i will play his favorite game with
him, basically i tell him to close his eyes and tell me
what he wants to do (it can be anything and it usually is
sex/blow job) you can see why its his favorite game,... you think its a good plan or bad?

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