The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-01-02 22:42:53 (UTC)

Well, Matt Alyssa and I became..

Well, Matt Alyssa and I became the logarithm experts of the
school today. According to Mr. Bernards, nobody else in
the school learns this stuff, so we're at the top of the
pack. We spent over an hour learning them for Math league,
and my brain is thoroughly fried. He's putting us in
Geometry and Calc. He's putting the older kids in Algebra,
so that we can get tons of points right away, and trig,
because none of us can do that. We proved that at the last
Hopefully the Wild will actually win tonight. They
haven't won in a while. It looks like our team gets to go
to the Wild game on the 26th. It's against New Jersey. It
should be awesome! Getting to see Martin Brodeur, Scott
Gomez, Jason Arnott, Wes Walz, Manny Fernandez,Antti
Laaksonen,and all of those people in the same rink. I
can't wait. I have to go study Ornacology for Science
Olympiad. Until Later.

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