Nick's Journal
2002-01-02 22:30:40 (UTC)

My view on High School

So I was sitting in my car today watching the frantic
soccer moms run in and out of the grocery store, because
there's an advisory that there may be snow tomorrow. I
was sitting and the topic of high school got caught in my
fragile, braincell-challenged mind. Here's what I thought
about it.
Most people bash high school. Too cliquey, too harsh, not
fair, over rated, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, I can
argree with those statements, but I'll defend them. What
about college? Good grief. Don't get me wrong, college
rocks. I mean I just love it to death, it's so open, so
caring, the people are so loving, and you transcend
boundaries. Well that's why it's dumb. High school is
like life. People are segregated, discriminated against,
the weak are pounced upon, and the strong dominate. Not
in all cases but in most. College is the utopia of our
society. I swear in college every dipshit
is "cooooooool", or "you know that guy rocks", or "she's
really nice", it's only because that's what the college
society dictates, we must be nice. We must make more
friends during this point than any other. I've said it
once and I'll say it again, if you can't make friends in
college you might as well live with the lions. But now
let's go onto High school. So many outsiders, so many
kids get picked on, and we all tried harder than fuck to
fit in.....yes i'm talking to you, mr/mrs i know my
identity and i'm proud of it and i don't give a fuck about
what anyone thinks. You tried to fit in. Or you tried so
hard not to that you did. But that's okay, because that's
what we must do in life. If you show up as the cheeba
smoking, beer guzzling, neanderthal that you are in the
dorms not one employer will hire you. Conform or get the
fuck out. Then the workplace is full of people that talk
shit about you, you have to form your little lunch group
as you did in high school, you need your own table, the
beauty of sitting in the open all alone and not being
chastized fades as quickly as your memory of what you did
during your college weekends.
So for one, I'll stick up for high school. I grant it's
overrated, and the popularity achieved means jack shit.
Furthermore, who you were then means shit now. But then
again, that's how it is at every stage of life. The only
person it means something to will be you, (yeah that's
corny). But you have to think who you were in high school
and what it was like. I can sum it up like this.
9th grade : the most mediocre period of my life
10th grade : (first semester) - sucked ass, i hated the
school, the kids, the snobby atmosphere. (second
semester) - best time of my life.....yes that may be
pathetic, but god damn..........god damn.
11th grade : the sweetest time ever (second only to second
semester of 10th grade).
12th grade : was like trying to eat a ball of shit. i had
to choke it down and wonder what the fuck i was doing.
yeah, yeah. now i'm in college, and everyone is
wonderful, funny, sexy, smart, witty, cool, jive, groovy,
outstanding, intellectual, unique, and worth my time :-).
basically if you can live through both high school and
college, add them together, you'll get this equation.
hell heaven = life
oh god that was corny, now i will stop.