a poetic Heartº
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2002-01-02 22:12:00 (UTC)

Look Inside The Mirror

I see someone
Hes cute and hes caring
Hes sweet and hes sexy
Intrieving and daring

I see someone
Hes wonderful to me
Hes My every hope
The Air that I breathe

I see someone
He understands
I loved his kisses
and I love holding his hands

I see someone
That I'm missing now
and I wish
Hed come back somehow

I see someone
Hes really great
I might have found
My true soulmate

I see someone
His heart is pure
I want to make
Our love secure

I see someone
Who IS he
The one I love
I wish of thee

So who is the one I see
May a mirror be brought to me
Turn It around so you can see
Look Inside...
See you and Me

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