My life
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2002-01-02 22:10:13 (UTC)

Jan 2, 02

Well last night I ended up going to Jamie's after she got
off teaching her lessons, made choc. peanut butter chip
cookies for her dad and brother at her house...then she
started again on how she thinks her dad wants me, and that
she wouldn't trust him with me. She's a nut, and this isn't
American Beauty. Anyways, she studied while I rubbed her
back, and then we watched Princess Diaries, cute movie.
So then this morning, she got in the shower at like 6:45
and I started to get ready, I straightened my hair and got
dressed...I wore black pants, and this leopard top, very
lowcut, stops right in between my boobs and a black
cardigan sweater over it...she walked into her room after
her shower and almost died, you could tell by the look on
her face. Even though she told me, not to touch her (minus
the back rubs) she dropped her towel and pushed me onto the
bed, I said no...because that is what she told me to
do...and she said alright, but then I laid her back on the
bed, and just licked her belly button down to her clit and
put one finger in her gently...and I said "think about this
all day long while you are in school". She was like "OH MY
GOD" and we were then running late, so she got dressed and
I did my makeup and we left for school...first period
dragged on and on and on...relationships...we talked about
marriage stuff, it was boring, UNTIL we started talking
about guys online, and girl meeting them, and it scared
me....ugh. In chorus we listened to a recording of "Sunset
Blvd" because we are singing a medley for our march
concert. And we just went over the plain ol' stuff, Mary
Beth was asking me if I was excited to be 18 soon, because
I guess she is...her b-day is March 6. And it's her 1 year
and like 8 month anniversary with her BF, Man, I wish she
would be bi...her and her bf are so doable! I made out
with her once, but I didn't consider it to be anything
really...So yeah, lunch stuff, blah blah blah, the EX bf,
Tejay was starring at me...I was so confused, but it
happens I guess. Then in childcare this one girl totally
turned me on, I talked to her all the time in that class,
but today she wore her blue contacts, and she has brown
hair, and she's not even pretty at all, nto my type, but
she looked great and we just sat and talked while we
watched the kids...yelling at them and stuff, she tried to
talk me into actually getting my tounge pierced, I want to,
but I'm a baby, and my belly hurt bad enough, If I wasn't
I'd get my nipple pierced, just for the hell of it. Well my
4th period teacher, my only male teacher all day...said
that I didn't have to make up my work that I missed, and
that he would just mark it down that I did it, was
totally the shirt!!!! I'm not stupid....PIGS. Anyways, so
I made him a picture on the computer for him to hang in his
room, of hearts and his name and stuff, lol. he loved it.
;-) AHH, the power, I love it. After school I went to the
bank and the store to pick up Jen's pictures. Then Jamie
called, because she found out that I went with her, but she
ended up being fine when I mentioned this morning. more
power. ;-) Well and now here I am it's 5:08, and I'm
hungry. I'm staying at Jamie's again tonight most
likely....I wonder why.

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