poisoned darkness
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2002-01-02 21:15:10 (UTC)


so, you want to know something about me? well. no. not
going to happen. just keep reading.

i'm still reeling from the breakup with my former fiancee.
i've had one other posibility open up and then there's the
small car company. but thats a sex only venture. not that
i'm completly objectionable to that possibility. i'm not
sure why exactly i'm here. but what the hell. the one
other interest i had seems to have faded severly into the
backround. all that effort for nothing. and i think i
frighten him. all that takes though is to be a real
person. so he must find me absolutely horrifying. there
is a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless. but he's
in possesion of a 3 year old kid. i personally don't
care. but there are alot of people around here who think
thats a bad thing. its not like he has custody of his
son. he couldn't hope to support him. *shrugs* there are
worse places i could be right now, but i'm not really sure
what that would entail, nor do i really want to find
out. peace for now.

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