Blood and Chocolate
2002-01-02 21:12:32 (UTC)

Go Huskers!!!!!!

Hey everyone
Whats up ? Not much here! I am bored with nothing to do! I
got up today at like um... 11:30 and both my parents were
already at work! :(! and SO I am stuck at home all day! I
am maybe going to the mall with DCSA Diaz later if we can
get rides . I have gotta get some stuff for this
weekend!! ;)! I am going on this church retreat! See my
church is so cool ! we don't do any of that lame stuff most
churches do! anyways if DCSA Diaz and I can't get to the
mall then I am going to watch the HUSKER GAME!!!!! yeah !
Go BIG RED! :)! They are going to win! no doubt baby !
loL! anyways I gotta blaze!
DCSA Dylon (aka:Barrymore/Rissa)