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2002-01-02 20:58:03 (UTC)

New Semester's Resolutions - #1

This morning, I started looking at the records I kept of my
weight loss over the summer. I measured and weighed
myself, and I've gained back 14 of the 17 pounds I lost.
But, that means that I'm 3 pounds ahead of where I was in
June. Considering the infamous "freshman fifteen," I think I'm in
good shape.

I've also added on a few inches since the beginning of last
semester, but I haven't even come close to reaching the
point I was at the beginning of the summer. In fact, in
all cases, I gained back only about half of the inches I'd
shed. So, I haven't done nearly as badly this last semester as
I'd thought I had.

That in mind, I've decided that I want to lose the inches I
gained back by the end of this semester. I know it's a
very realistic goal, because I lost double what my goal is
now over the summer, and I've got almost double the time to
do it. A few small changes here and there should get me

Steps I will take to achieve success:

*Eat in the dining hall that serves subs and salads more

*Always choose grilled chicken over hamburgers and chicken
strips, if possible.

*Drink at least one bottle of water a day. (I know this is
not nearly enough, but it's better than what I'm doing now!)

*Absolutely NO regular soda. (I don't drink a lot of it
now, but I've started to drink a little bit more than I did

*No chocolate in the room. I can eat it other places, just
not in my room. I'll eat less that way.

*Only eat the free ice cream in the dining centers once a
week at maximum, if at all.

*Eat some fruit at least once a day. (Again- this is a
pathetic amount, but better than what I'm doing now.)