the joys of being dani
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2002-01-02 20:19:54 (UTC)

ive always written on paper..

and now im sittin here in front of a computer i spend
entirely too much time using typing out my thoughts for
other people to if anyone will really read them :-
/ ... well i guess you never know ... kind of a fascination
with the idea that someone could be reading this and
understanding and relating or maybe just enjoying the fact
that what comes out of my mouth is crazy stupid teenage
talk lol..whatever lol

the journal ive got in my desk is full of stories about
failed attempts at relationships lol typcial soppy broken
hearted stories and 'i miss him's'.... pretty cliche but
they still hurt...

every time i fall for someone i end up hurt for one reason
or another but its ok cause im not a depressed person who
will think that just cause it didnt work out with them, im
a hopeless case....i just really cared about the people who
broke my heart...

i suppose thats one thing that has always lead to hurt and
that is care....i feel uncomfortable sayin 'love' because
its been grossly misused in the past for me and id prefer
to say care because to me i suppose thats what it really

argh why am i talking about this now???? i guess its
probably cause ive been gettin close to someone i really
like and due to circumstances, im afraid i'll come out hurt
again...the worst feeling is when you saw it coming but you
pretended it wouldnt happen then when it does you just
wanna kick yerself in the head...

*shuts up about guys* lol

and on another sad note....i'll never collect all 19 lord
of the rings burger king toys!!! *weeps* hehe

class at 8am sucks ass lemme tell pooped and its
only twenty after noon....*zzz* i suppose i should get to
bed earlier than 3am though :eep:

and i kinda miss eric lol...ah well

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