2002-01-02 20:12:19 (UTC)

Oh, What a Night

Why can't I ever have a happy New Year's Eve? Something
always happens that makes the evening turn out bad. We'll
start with the 1998 New Year. The evening started out okay.
We went out to dinner, and watched to ball drop with some
friends. Nothing exciting, but a pleasant evening. Well,
that was until we found out the restaraunt we went to had
left our food sitting out. We had an awful case of food
poisoning. I have never felt so sick in my life. Spending
the whole night in the bathroom is definititely not how I
would choose to spend my holiday. This was worse than most
people's hangovers, and I did not even have a drop of
alcohol. Not fair! 1999 - The night was set up to be
amazing. We were in Los Angeles and had a big party planned
at the Wyndam Hotel. This was the night I was waiting for.
My whole life I had wanted to kiss someone at midnight.
This year, there actually was someone I could kiss, but he
was at home in TN. (Probably kissing someone else.) Not
that I cared. I had been wanting to break it off with him
anyway. Well, we went to the party, which was a total flop.
We didn't have any music to dance to, because two groups of
guys were fighting over which CDs to play. My crush was off
nowhere to be found. (If only he had been standing next to
me at midnight...) And there was a big group of people
hanging out in the elevators popping pills and making a
huge scene. Some people brought in a TV to watch the ball
drop, but by the time they got it, it was already after
midnight(in NY). We didn't even have a count down. Then we
had to go straight to bed (remember, it's only 9 Pacific
time). Then, we had to get up at 3 a.m. to perform in the
Rose Bowl. It wasn't a totally bad evening, it was just not
as amazing as I had imagined. 2000 - My friends and I
dressed up in fancy dresses and went out to eat, but only 2
were able to come to my house for our party. We had fun,
but I was depressed that I had no one to kiss. It was 2000,
and should have been the biggest party of the century.
Well, we watched one on TV, and I wished that I was there.
2001 - A really bad evening. My friend Will had a party,
and several other people were there, but then we started
watching a movie and most everyone left. So, for the most
part of the evening, it was me and my friend Christian, who
was asleep on the couch. Will and his annoying girlfriend,
who kept screaming out this stupid line from the
movie, "Carter, you dick!" She must have said it a million
times, and every time she would just burst out in this
ridiculous laugh. I was like, it really is not that funny.
Then, next to them was my ex-boyfriend Robert. Anytime I am
near him, you can just feel the awkwardness in the air. He
won't look at me or talk to me or anything. I hate being
around him. That really killed the evening. Then, there was
this other guy stalking me, calling all of these people
trying to figure out where I was. He finally found Will's
phone number and called me there, wanting me to invite him
over. Yes, I wanted to kiss someone, but not him. 2002 -
Once again, the evening had potential, but was a disaster.
It started out when my boyfriend kept bugging me to have
sex with him, which I couldn't because of certain 'female
reasons'. He was frustrated, which upset me. I mean, it's
not like I chose to have it on that night. We went to a
couple parties, but there was no one there and nothing
going on, so we just went back to his house. And also being
more emotional than usual, it was really easy for me to
cry. He was upset, which hurt my feelings, which made me
cry, which frustrated him even more, which made me cry even
more. It was just a really horrible evening. But I'm
thinking that maybe the worse the year starts, the better
the year will be. Kind of like that old wives' tale about
March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Okay, maybe