Procrastination is Key
2002-01-02 19:52:23 (UTC)

A New Year

its here- doesn't feel like it though- and it DEFINITELY
doesn't feel like I should be going back to school
already!:( Only a few more days of freedom.
ITS GONNA SNOW! And we got out of Atlanta just in time- not
sure if anybody would have wanted to drive home in the snow.
Which brings me to a description of my New Years- and
christmas as well I suppose. Over all I have just been
sleeping and reading:-p Almost done with my 3rd book of the
break! Christmas just didn't feel very - Christmasy- there
was no one around the 25th, so my parents and bro and I
actually went to the movies! We didn't have any family stuff
until friday- wow I ate soooo much. My only real present was
a CD burner- yay! I've made like 10 AT LEAST already. fun
This past weekend I went on an adventure of sorts I guess:-p
Five of us went to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta to watch
Carolina kick some butt! It felt like we were there forever
eventhough it was only one day! After the game we went to
the hotel where the team was staying and visited the team
managers that jennifer knew- they had the trophy in their
room so we got our picture taken with it!:-p I touched it=-O
hehe Not sure how long it will be but I will eventually
have some pics up on my website- but I have a lot more to
take on the roll- and considering I JUST finished the one I
started at Halloween......
Wow- you would have thought that after a couple of weeks
something more would have happened- oh well! Guess I'll go
and work on finishing that book:)