2001-04-10 03:34:37 (UTC)

lonely day

well i don't know what is wrong with me. i feel like i am
just trapped inside. is it possible to feel like that.
found out i'm co hosting stef's baby shower. don't mind
really it's just can i afford it. i owe dad $26, mom $10,
pam $100, motor vechicle $26, and class of 96 $20. i have
no idea how to pay for all of this let alone, $294 for car
note. melissa ducote got her dress today. she wants me to
come see it. but like i ever have the time. and jason keeps
flirting with me way beyond what he should. i just don't
know what to do anymore. i start feeling so depressed
lately. been off prozac for over a month and can tell the
difference. smoking helps a little, even though people say
it doesn't i found it does. well i am going to bed now,
hope and pray better things will happen tomorrow!