mark my words
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2002-01-02 19:39:37 (UTC)

amazing news!

It's awesome to have a friend like Lindsay... not only is
she the freaking coolest person ever, but her boyfriend has
tons of hot friend connections. Well, my awesome friend
Lindsay was in the car with Mike and Mark today.. just the
three of them. Since Lin might come over today she
mentioned that to Mike, and Mike was like "Speaking of
Julie, Mark, she wants your ass again." (Thanks, Mike...)
Mark was like, "Really?" Lindsay took over and was
like "Yeah, would you get with her again?" and Mark was
like, "Yeah! I haven't really done much besides hook up
with anyone since Julie, blah blah blah, hook it up." Then
he was like "how about the two of you go to Mike's house
this afternoon?" Lin was like "I don't know if she can,
but we'll definitely do something this weekend, blah blah
blah" and Mark was like "Yeah, definitely hook it up."
AHHHH!!! Mark is DEFINITELY just using me for ass but he's
SO HOT!!! I don't know why I like him so much, its not like
hes a nice person or anything, but there's just something
about him. And if he can use me for sex, I can use him for
the same reason. I read something in Cosmo about thinking
like a man about sexual conquests. If I can depersonalize
myself, and make it so that I don't care who I give my body
to, I can respect myself. Right? Right. And Mark is just
sooo hot. He's amazingly gorgeous.
Lindsay and KC are coming over and we're going to watch
Goodfellas and stalk Lindsay's obsession, John, my two-
doors-down neighbor. So I'm out :)