2002-01-02 19:24:08 (UTC)

Jan 2, 2002

Well it is the New Year and how sad it is. It was a
terrible way to bring in the New year the partying was crap
and New Years day I ended up working. I yelled and freaked
on a co-worker about my life know my life i choose I
shouldn't really complain but I have never been stuck with
these problems I only get attention on my looks and what
crazy stunt or who I am dating no one takes the time to
realize that I am human, HUMAN not a child and not a person
who needs pity. I have made some decisions I will not be
part of this group any more my friends by picking
Nicolos over me have made this decision for me. They can
have him BORING trust me!

The boy came into my life a year ago and all he sees is the
person that he knows he will never have she is in his eyes
the perfect woman, looks and smarts and portuguese (to
pleases his parents) but the problem here is one out of two
things, he is to PORTUGUESE for me and no brains because the
word AND I would have to explain, and a terrible lover! Oh
yes the thug who brags really is a dead fuck!
Sorry folks that might be selfish on my part but at my age
sex is important a three inches doesn't cut it!