Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-01-02 19:11:02 (UTC)


Wow...lastnight seems like it was a dream, or just
something I made up. It seemed scary then, now it seems
kinda...nothing out of the ordinary. I think it was the
alcohol haha. Anyways, me and Abi are supposed to be going
to Manchester on Friday. We couldn't actually decide on
WHERE to go, so...we finally agreed on Manchester. I've
never been there before, so, it'll be cool. I actually
wanted to go to Whitby. I love Whitby. The most beautiful
place on earth!

I watched this nasty film lastnight, "The Mangler" it was
ok, but just a bit stupid. The beginning was very kick ass
cool, then it got a bit stupid. A giant laundry machine has
a taste for blood and the evil factory ownerkills people
with it and tried to kill his niece and..weird things, then
this cop who has this really occult and weird brother, or
brother in law who knows all these spells and ritualls

Yeah, so nothing happened today at all. Zoe went back home,
without even telling us, which is a bit fucky of her. I bet
they went to see the other side of the family, John and
Louise.I fucking hate tham.

Well, nothing else to say.

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