Sarah's Thoughts
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2002-01-02 18:59:28 (UTC)

Blah Blah Blah

This sux I have no internet. Your probaly thinking umm she
doesn't have the internet but she is typing stuff in her on-
line diary. Well i'm at the library, I have to use this
little card to get on the net. It really sux. If your
wondering why I have no internet it's because I cleared out
the whole hard-drive on christmas morning. Well there is
nothing on my computer except for like microsoft word and
some little games. All my pics are gone, my messengers, and
the buddy lists. All I can do now is give you an update as
too what has happened since then so here it goes. On the
22nd I spent the night at Danielle's house and the next
morning we went to the mall to get my present, she got me a
hurley hoodie from pac-sun. The hoodie is so awesome I love
it. On christmas my whole family came over, fun fun fun. I
got some really cool presents the best one I got I can't
even use cause it's a computer game. I'm so lucky aren't I?
Well nothing else happened until new years eve. I went to
skateland for the new years party, I hung out with
Danielle, Chelsey, And Michelle. It was great fun! :-) New
Years day however was not fun, from eating mcdonalds the
night before I got food poisoning. I was soooooo sick. I'm
never eating at the new mcdonalds again, yuck! I'm still
kinda sick from that it was so bad. I can't believe that
i've never had food poisoning, and the first experience is
not good at all, let me tell you. Well I don't know what
else to say except i'm bored outta my mind. This library is
so boring, you don't even know. I must go home now, buh bye.