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2002-01-02 18:51:04 (UTC)

New Years Eve

On New years eve, I tried cocaine for the second time. The
first time doesn't really count, though because the two
lines i did were so miniscule and didn't even really add up
to one regulation coke-head's line. I'm not sure I liked
it... except for the fact that it wired me out and
everyone, including me was awake until like 4am... when i
had to force myself to sleep. I'd much rather smoke some
herb or trip.
Time is flying so fast that it's not even funny. I'm about to start
court reporting school, and i'm not so much excited as i am
nervous. I'll be learning a whole new language almost.
I've always been one of those people that has great
spelling for some reason... English was a breeze to me, but
now.. I have to forget all of my spelling and English
skills and use my hearing, which isn't great anyways... to
do my job. How scary is that? Learning a new skill... I
hope i'm not the dumbass in class. I doubt I will be, but
I can't help but have this thought in the back of my mind
that I'm going to fucking suck and be all shy and not know
what i'm doing, or excel as fast as the other people
starting off with me. I'm sure it's all in my head.. My
parents are constantly trying to psyche me up and get me
ready, they're really excited for me... I think the only
thing my dad is excited about is that once i'm out of the
schooling, I'll be making hellafied money as either a court
reporter or a closed captionist. What sucks is that all of
my friends party all week long, and I'll be the kid that
says "no, i've got to go study." I'm going to be the geek
that I've always made fun of. Shitty. I guess my friends
are excited for me. I know Caroline and Ashley are.
Basically because I promised that when I'm rich, i'll buy
them cars. Hell yeah I will. My friends are going to be
hooked the fuck up when I'm rich. That is, if i pass..
which brings me back to my first concern... which is.. what
if i fucking suck at court reporting. I'm not really
worried. If i don't do well the first year... It's back to
fucking CCCC with me. I REALLY HAAAAAATE CCCC. It's
fucking graduated highschool... and the professors provide
no enthusiasm in their teaching to help me concentrate and
WANT to do good in class. Oh well.. That's me. I'm just
ranting and raving about all the bullshit thoughts that are
going through my head. I'm a good kid... I'm fun. yeah,
i'll be alright... but everyone deserves to have their
worries, right? I think so. Until next time.... Peace,
love, weed and cheese baby. later.

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