my so wicked life
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2002-01-02 18:48:39 (UTC)

extremly right??

im right in amzing way...
i just let my guitar laying on the floor in my room
now i think it the most important thing ihave and want to
work it,,,
well idon't care to be with my old parents
but sometime would like to find a friend just to hanged
out with me and share nice time that alll
i think i gonna phone to a guy i consider like my
i need to see him if only well....
i think also i can change myself and the way iam and that
project goes well coze i find at least the closers where im
right in
i should be a gothic one well i feel right on this anyway
and lene marlin is my model to be for my appearance
so have to work both of the twice
i dumno
well i gonna phone my friend and one of this day gonna see
my neigbour to hange out with
i would like to get my own friend to me
that why i have to work with my appearence and the way to
be with the others.....
i bought a black tshirt and a black long skirt with white
roses i try it in front of my mother and she find it nice
so is that nice to be A GOTHIC??
now i don't care decided to be myself and to wear thing i
want if im right in go to phone
and maybe gonna to see my neigbourg im piss off about my
parents (very old)....

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