2001-04-10 03:24:07 (UTC)


I am so in love with *****. I dont know how to get over
him. I have tried by finding other guys and still it dosnt
work. He totally broke my heart. Yesterday I told him
that I love him, he said that he loves me back. I am so
happy to hear that from him but at the same time not happy
to hear it. I dont want his girlfriend mad at him again.
I cant see why guys have to be such jerks, losers, and
users. Also womenizers. It's so impossible to get them to
make up there minds. He used me and now I feel like
beating him up. No actually more like kicking him there.
He is such a jerk, but no matter what I will always love
him. I love the way he used to hold me in his arms. His
pretty blue eyes looking down at me when he wants me to
kiss him. He gave me my first french kiss. I want his
love back. But I also dont want the fight again. It's
hard enouph fighting with all my friends about him as it
is. It's kind of weird. I know one day that we will be
together again. I just want to know when. Hopefully

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