My Spiritual Realm
2002-01-02 17:57:18 (UTC)


Does Satan make us feel ashamed of the gifts God has given
us? Or does God truly condemn my most recent expressions of
affection with the one I truly adore?

I am perplexed. My morals used to shine, and now that I am
involved with someone else, my morals are tested, and my
labedo (which I never knew I had) is expressed.

How I wished it were much more simple. But this road has
never been easy. This path, with the one I adore, has never
been easy. This path, with God, has never been easy:P

At the same time I feel I am neglecting my friends and

Am I hurt? Should I feel ashamed? Do I need to ask God for

I know I'm entitled...I just don't know if I wronged God or

I am troubled, and I know whom I must go to for help.

And I am not surprised.