Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-02 17:47:11 (UTC)

Snowy But Otherwise Meloncollie

Today it snowed! It was beautiful! The flakes fell
from the grey sky and slowly covered the football field.
However, soon it melted. But, it was still beautiful. I
watched this through the one window in my geometry
classroom. That boxed in feeling ran through me as I sat
there....I wanted to be outside taking in the unusual
weather. Instead I has to listen to boring shit, and
since my calculator wasn't working today anyway it really
doesn't matter what that idiot was trying to teach because
she will have to do it all over again.
Ugh....I tried to start a diet today but it didn't go
very well at all! I will try again tomarrow.....
William was talking about how he wanted to fuck Lauren
today and how hot he thought Scott's older sister
was.....I wish I was talked about like that....but no....I
am to lazy! Ugh....oh well....I'll try again tomarrow....