lost in the dark
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2002-01-02 16:58:21 (UTC)

So far...

Hey Entry. Well, I showed up at my Twin's place and so
far things are going good. It is fun to spend this time
with him and his family. Quianna, what a little lady. I can
see what side of the family she is from LOL. See my twin
through that one. Hunter, Now that is a name that you
really don't hear. He looks like My Twin and I's side of
the family. But, Hunter's attitude is from his mothers side
of the family. I think that the time that I am spending
here is going to go by really quickly. Have this time to
spend with the family for New Years, I think is the best
thing that I could have done.
For Brother and Sister, I wish you a Happy New Year. I
wish I could have been there to enjoy the night with you.
Or I wish that you were here actually. You would have
enjoyed yourselves. I went to a Teen dance as a supervisor.
LOL. The only one there that was Dressed in Black. I would
have loved to have my make-up here. It would have been so
much fun. LOL. The dance was not that bad. Untill I got
hold of the song books and asked for "Beautiful People",
Sister you can see where this goes. LOL. And you can tell
what they called me after that. Ohh, so much fun. LOL. I
must have had about 10 little ones hanging around me for
must of the night. I had a blast, but it would have been
better if I would had people that listened to the same
music as I do. *shrug* ohh, well.

Until, next time...

Lost in the Dark...

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