life thru my eyes
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2002-01-02 16:20:49 (UTC)

my complaints

Wow, its been a quick holiday this year. Tomorrow its back
to the daily grind at the hell hole, i mean South Stokes.
However, we start off the semester with all new classes and
i happily discard the old annoyances...i hope. i always
stay in classes with the same general people but i'm pretty
good friends with the most of them. i have a feeling with
discarding those lovely old annoyances i will gain some new
found annoyances. take first the new annoyance that will
most likley rank #1 on the reasons i will come home in the
afternoons and scream - english. i adore most all of the
people in my little english class (if u take them
seperatley) but get them all together and there comes that
scream. most of the time its really a lot of fun but it
can also be hard on the nerves and hard on the hand as i
try to hold it down from smacking people. anyways, this
english class isn't like any other, we have the same class
and the same teacher each year...its AP (advanced
placement). i like the class small but this year there are
new people coming in...huff. i don't need to say that
cause' when i started high school i came into that class
along with two other people and broke up the little group
the others had going on from middle school. they didn't
want us to enter the class but now i understand why. i get
along with them and fall in with them well but i'm afraid
all these people will add to my frustration i feel with my
usual classmates. if none of that made sense i'm not
surprised. hopefully i won't be annoyed with my journalism
class...again. i won't say much else about it cause' if i
do it will become a big rambling mess like english did.
maybe i should stop rambling all together. enough. maybe
later i will write again about New Years party and
Christmas. have a wonderful day.