tom weaver

never wake up
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2002-01-02 16:20:20 (UTC)

1/2... after new years

outline of the events...
a. went to kendras
1. dinner with family, ate chinese food
2. talked to her dad about football (he thought i knew
what i was talking about lol)
3. met her "grandy," it was a lot of fun
b. went to party
1. tried to solve ilenes problems, but she didnt want to.
2. met a whole lot of people
3. watched people get drunk
4. arched someones back
5. woke up the next morning feeling just fine
6. drove home
7. lost my wallet

new years is the biggest waiste of time in my opinion...
its just another excuse for people to get trashed. why not
get trashed on "get trashed day" or something like that. i
think thats what we need, one day for everyone to get it
out of their system. something like, all cars can not be
used, and their is massive public transportation going
on... either that, or people are designated by the state to
be the DD. might work better...

THROWDOWN is playing a show on friday, i dont know if i
will be able to go to it though... gotta find someone to
drive out there with... anyone want to go? just write me a
message =]

lastly, when i woke up the next day, i was sitting and
eating cereal at around 11:30... then some kids i have
never seen walks down the stairs and takes out a bottle of
jack daniels and begins to drink it, then goes outside and
lights a joint... kinda funny, we both sat looking at
eachother thinking how weird the other one was. i was
like "dude, the partys over (this is all in my head, not
outloud) why are you still doing that shit?" and he must
have thought "whats wrong with that kid, eating cereal at a
new years party?"... turns out, he thought the party was
still going on... apparantly he thought he took a nap, and
when he woke up, he just kept partying... kinda weird, but
hey, i have seen weird things before, this was noting out
of the ordinary for me....

thats about it.

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