The Daily Babble
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2002-01-02 15:29:26 (UTC)

Happy New Year all!

Hey everyone! I'm back at work after my week vacation!
Final exams were rough but a few days later, my family
headed off to North Carolina to visit my uncle and his
family. It was a very LONG ride! But it was worth it to
see the family and my little cousin. She was so surprised
to see us cuz she didn't know for sure that we were
coming. It was so great spending time with her! She's
such a sweetheart. I had such a good time with her.

Unfortunately my plans to visit my friend Christine got
cancelled. My dad was a real jerk about it, and said that
if I went there, it would throw off our plans to Atlanta
and stuff, so finally I just cancelled.

Our visit to Atlanta wasn't that bad either...I saw family
that I haven't seen simce my visit to India ten years ago!
We stayed there two nights. The last night, me and my
sister were supposed to go stay with my cousin and her
husband, but that got cancelled as well. =-( They did end
up coming to visit us though.

Back in North Carolina we just spent time hanging out as a
family, watching movies and what not...It was a good time.
The last two nites, me and my sister stayed up til 2AM
talking to my aunt and uncle. The Sunday that we left was
sad cuz my lil cousin understood that we were leaving and
that she was going to be alone that was sad. I
got really choked up but tried not to cry.

Things at home have been boring. I didn't go out for New
Years Eve but I went to Jeff's on New Year's Day and we
spent a few hours together so that was nice. =-)

Now I'm back at work...its not too bad, I mean its good to
be back, but theres just so much to do!

I guess I should go catch up then huh? Take care all!

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