down in my eyes
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2002-01-02 11:34:55 (UTC)


I was just skimming thru the journal.. of..iguess,
who is..his best girl friend..'s journal. 'N she has
her pic posted up. Geezzzes. Don't get me
wrong... she be verry pretty. 'N she's filled with.....
many deep, daily thoughts. She seems to have a quite a
big ~fan club~ of friends too... quite.."popular"...
including to Him.
Her problem is,... she's gorgeous.. and she KNOOOWWS it.
GOSH..pisses me off! Those sort of arrogant people.
But she only has people, such as Him, inflating her
head. Telling her she's beatifuL AND sweet.
NOt as if i'd KNOW wut it's like to be good looking,..
'n i suppose she COULD be a prettty AND sweet, caring girl,.. but..
this chick needs some Ego altering.

I dunno, icould be wrong..
Mabie i'm being tOo bitter towards her.

Oh ya, just as a side note:
For the times i mention a "HIM"... at times, they're different people.
To prevent identity confusion, currently, there are 2 "HIM"s. :0I