Eternal Bliss
2002-01-02 11:18:26 (UTC)

Yeeeeee heeeeeee

I'm very happy today :=P , I'm with Hind in the Cyber ,
Yee Yee yee , I just met Pantera the IRcop in the cyber ,
and I feel like my life is doin good after all
Well , still that there're some things that are pretty not
Kewl though , for example : Those two members of our "Band"
became somewhat {Gloomy} ,
Fuck it ! the main thing for me is to be with Hind , and
since oth is gone i cant see how i can live without hind ,
So enjoy life , and remmeber that Happiness is in Human
soul and not what Money or Lifely things make
I've just kissed Hind , heeeeee
ok i gotta go right now
the Cyber-Owner is gonna fuck me if i dont pay ;)
C ya all
AthanoR Suntiara